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A Distributor When You Need One


Arrow Gas & Oil, Inc. has partnered with Sunoco to offer branding opportunites to their customers. We offer programs to install equipment such as pumps, tanks, and computer hardware and software.  The hardware and software enables ability to monitor all tanks while keeping in compliance of all EPA Regulations.


     Click here to learn more about our Trademarked Unbranded Program.

Delivered Fuels and Services


Whether you have a big job or a small job, Arrow Gas & Oil can work with you to keep you fueled at your location or job sites.  We have a full fleet of medium and large tanker trucks to serve you throughout East Tennessee dedicated to delivering quantites of fuel from under 500 gallons up to full truck loads.

From fuels for agriculture and industrial applications to mining operations, fuel for bus fleets, onsite fueling of generators, or wet hosing or construction equipment; we deliver directly to your tanks at competitive rates.  We also have the ability and experience to work with you to help design tanks and storage solutions specific to your site.

Additionally, as a leading distributor of alternative and Bio Fuels, Arrow Gas and Oil can work with you to deliver custom blends of Biodiesel.

With over 50 years of combined expereince delivering fuel, Arrow Gas and Oil has the solution to your fuel needs whatever they may be.  Call us at 865-483-5608 or Email us today.


Types of Equipment Available to Arrow's Clients

In partnership with our suppliers we provide equipment to our customers that support their lubrication needs. This equipment can range from:

  • Pumps
  • Reels
  • Tanks
  • Construction
  • Computer Hardware/ Software

We are able to assist you with the appropriate recommended equipment to satisfy your goal.