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  Arrow Gas & Oil, Inc.

   270 Midway Lane

   Oak Ridge, TN 37830

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A Distributor When You Need One


Arrow Gas & Oil, Inc. has partnered with Sunoco to offer branding opportunites to their customers. We offer programs to install equipment such as pumps, tanks, and computer hardware and software.  The hardware and software enables ability to monitor all tanks while keeping in compliance of all EPA Regulations.


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Arrow Gas & Oil, Inc. began in 1995 by building tight and trusting relationships with our customers. Providing them with competitive pricing, high quality products, and quick timing service.  All three of these insure a more seamless and productive relationship than our competition can offer.  Arden and Duane Goin have continued to grow the business thanks to the outstanding customers and suppliers they work with.  For nearly two decades the father and son duo have built long lasting relationships and continue to fulfill the same commitment.